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Get Help with Your Insurance Claim from Pembroke Pines Public Adjusters
Handling a property damage claim in Pembroke Pines on your own is both challenging and risky. Are you up for the task?

Fortunately, there's a better way: using Pembroke Pines public adjusters. Our Pembroke Pines public adjusters are licensed by the state of Florida and committed to helping policyholders just like you to get the largest insurance settlement possible related to:
. Hurricane claims
. Tropical storm claims
. Hail damage claims
. High wind claims
. Fire and smoke damage claims
. Water damage claims
. And more...

How are Pembroke Pines Public Adjusters Different From Your Insurance Company's Adjusters?
While your claim has likely been assigned a claims adjuster, you have the right to hire your own claims adjuster to manage your portion of the claim. Your insurance company's adjuster will still be involved, but you'll have your own public adjuster working to ensure that all of your losses are found and paid for.

Pembroke Pines public adjusters differ from traditional claims adjusters in one key way: our employer. Where your insurance company's adjuster works for you-know-who, we work for you. This is a major point that could translate into a significant boost in the total value of your claim and resulting settlement.

Think about it: who should determine how much the insurance company should pay a policyholder -- the insurance company who may be motivated to keep the value low or a third party who is looking after the best interests of the policyholder? If you have a legitimate claim, you should be paid completely as agreed upon in your insurance policy.

Pembroke Pines public adjusters from All Claim Solutions bring their expertise to your side of the deal. We offer a host of claims adjusting services including:
. Insurance policy reviews
. Strategy
3. Paperwork
. Loss inventories
. Damage assessments
. Documentation
. Loss estimating
. Settlement packages 
. And more...

Settling a Pembroke Pines insurance claim isn't easy, but you don't need to suffer through the process alone. Contact our office today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation with one of our Pembroke Pines public adjusters.